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Passionate about Sport

Our programmes are insightful and dynamic, conveying the emotion and passion of your sport to keep viewers on the edge of their seats!

Going the extra mile

We always go the extra mile to get the shots we need for all of our shows as well as interviews with athletes, their families, and their coaches… along with all the best action shots to get the full story. Our production teams are highly trained, use the latest production tools and have a wealth of experience – which really counts when millions of viewers are watching!

Great Team

As well as experienced Producers, has expert presenters and commentators to add colour and opinion and talented 3D motion graphic designers for a dynamic, cutting edge presentation of your sport.

Global TV Production

We have produced thousands of hours of live and post-produced TV programming and news clips for over 60 sports, working across 5 continents. From Taekwondo in China to Cycling in Amsterdam, Swimming in Rio, Fencing in Rome, Waterskiing in Australia and Climbing in Azerbaijan, we love what we do!

Fantastic distribution Network also has great TV distribution networks to get you the best possible exposure and help you maximise the value of your assets, by working with all the major free to view and subscription channels. We are known for our high standards and reliability so networks are keen to work with us and air our content.


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